Pandapon Studio's workshop

Yuri!!! on Ice acrylic charms

5 cms (aprox 2") and  7 cms (aprox 2.7") one sided acrylic charms featuring various characters of Yuri on Ice.

5 cms charms models are
- Yuri Plisetsky
- Christophe Giacometti
- Otabek Altin
- Jean Jacques Leroy
- Yuuri Katsuki
-Phichit Chulanont
- Minami Kenjiro
-Victor Nikiforov

7 cms charms models are
- Victuuri+ Makkachin
- Yuri Angels emblem
- Coach Victor and FP Yuuri
- Otayuri on bike
- Welcome to the Madness
- Stammi Vicino
- Pair skating Otayuri

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